RMI Draft Methodology Report

The Responsible Mining Index Draft Methodology report was released for public comment for a period of six weeks, from 9 February to 24 March 2017.

Our sincere thanks to the wide range of stakeholders and experts from around the world who contributed their comments and recommendations. All input received is currently being reviewed and considered during the finalisation of the RMI methodology.

The full-length Draft Methodology report is available in English. Summary versions are also available in EnglishFrench, Spanish, Chinese and Russian. Please use the corresponding links to download the appropriate version.

Download the Draft Methodology:

EN Download the Draft Methodology (Full-length English Version)
EN Download the executive summary in English

ES Descargue el resumen en castellano
FR Téléchargez le résumé en français
CH 下载中文摘要
RU Скачать Проект методологии

Feel free to contact us with any inquiries at contact@responsibleminingindex.org