Application of Methodology

Read further details on how the Methodology 2017 was applied to RMI 2018

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  Methodology Report 2017

The full-length RMI Methodology Report 2017 for the 2018 Responsible Mining Index is available in English.

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Summary versions are also available in Bahasa Indonesia, Chinese, French, Russian and Spanish.

Please use the corresponding links to download the appropriate version:

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 Draft Methodology Report


The Responsible Mining Index Draft Methodology report was released for public comment for a period of six weeks, from 9 February to 24 March 2017.

Our sincere thanks to the wide range of stakeholders and experts from around the world who contributed their comments and recommendations. All input received were reviewed and considered during the finalisation of the RMI methodology.

The full-length Draft Methodology report is available in English. Summary versions are also available in Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish. Please use the corresponding links to download the appropriate version.

Download the Draft Methodology:

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Outcome of the public comment period

The Responsible Mining Foundation greatly appreciates all the comments and recommendations received on the Draft Methodology of the Responsible Mining Index (RMI) during the six-week public comment period and the roundtable consultations held in various regions.

A summary of the RMI response, including adjustments made to the methodology, is available below.

 Download the RMI response


All comments with references to specific aspects of the RMI methodology are available at the links below.

 Comments from Alliance for Responsible Mining 
Comments from Bread for All 
Comments from Cambridge Business and Biodiversity Group 
Comments from John M Campbell 
Comments from Centre for Environmental Rights 
Comments from CFMEU Trade Union 
Comments from María Chappuis 
Comments from China Minmetals Corporation 
Comments from CHRB 
Comments from Comité de Développement Local Minier de la mine de manganèse de Bondoukou 
Comments from DCAF 
Comments from EITI 
Comments from Engineers Without Borders Canada 
Comments from FaciliTech International 
Comments from ICMM 
Comments from IndustriALL Global Union 
Comments from ING Bank 
Comments from INNOVAPUCP 
Comments from Institute of Development Studies 
Comments from Inter-American Development Bank 
Comments from IUCN NL 
Comments from Justice Pour Tous 
Comments from Mining Association of Canada 
Comments from NRGI 
Comments from OECD 
Comments from Shagdarsuren Oyutuya 
Comments from Pakistan Central Mines Labour Federation 
Comments from PGGM Investments 
Comments from Reflejarse 
Comments from REPSFECO-CI 
Comments from Shift 
Comments from Mark Slade 
Comments from Slootweg en van Schooten 
Comments from SOFEDI 
Comments from Solidaridad Southamerica 
Comments from Stakeholders's Engagement for Sustainable Development 
Comments from John Strongman 
Comments from Teneriffe Services 
Comments from The Terrace 
Comments from TU Delft 
Comments from UNCTAD 
Comments from UNECA 
Comments from UNICEF 
Comments from UNPRI 
Comments from US Department of Labor

 Summary of roundtable consultations