Methodology Report 2017

The full-length RMI Methodology Report 2017 for the 2018 Responsible Mining Index is available in English.

EN Download the 2017 Methodology Report

Summary versions are also available in Bahasa Indonesia, Chinese, French, Russian and Spanish. Please use the corresponding links to download the appropriate version:

BA  Unduh Laporan Metodologi 2017

CH 下载编制方法报告(2017版)

FR  Téléchargez le Rapport de méthodologie 2017

RU Скачать Отчет по методологии 2017

SP  Descargue el Informe metodológico 2017

Our sincere thanks to the wide range of stakeholders and experts who contributed comments on the RMI Draft Methodology Report; these have been considered in the development of this formal Methodology.